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Established in 1992 Golden Fleece („Золотое Руно”) is a Moscow-based fur and leather factory with a spacious store and professional outgoing store managers.


We offer a wide range of fur, sheepskin, leather coats and jackets of variable styles and sizes, all available at our spacious store.

Мужчинам Men


Женщинам Women



We work closely with the long-trusted suppliers of garment accessories and raw materials from Italy, Spain and Germany. 

In case you desire to add any custom alterations to the preferred model, we employ our own tailor’s shop with highly qualified staff where you can lengthen or shorten the sleeves and adjust the fitting.

All our items have comfortable pockets, zipping, closings, buttons and are designed to be lightweight allowing ease of mobility and comfort.

Best deals and discounts

Our store is located within the premises of the factory allowing us to provide top-of-the-line quality control and most reasonable prices on market.

Feel free to benefit from one of our famous sales with up to 30% discounts on previous years’ fantastic collections

Travelling to Moscow with friends? We will be delighted to arrange transportation and provide additional discounts.

Contact us:

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